Festive procession

April 16 is one of the most important dates in the history of the Chechen Republic. On this day, April 16, 2009, on the instruction of the President of the Russian Federation, the regime of the counter-terrorist operation in the territory of the Chechen Republic was abolished.Traditionally, residents of the Republic celebrate this date with a festive procession.So, on 16.04.2018 a festive procession took place, where employees and students of the Faculty of Public Administration of the Chechen...

Intellectual quiz to the day of native language

Today, 12.04.2018, an intellectual game was held at the faculty of public administration of the Chechen State University, timed for the celebration of the Day of the Chechen Language. The game consisted of 3 rounds. The first round - intellectual questions, the second round - a short description (it was necessary to guess the famous Chechen writers) and the third round - portraits, the task of the participants was to write the name of the writer depicted in the portrait for a certain period of...

Meeting of student's scientific mug

Today, on April 17, 2018, at the faculty of public administration of the Chechen State University, a scheduled meeting of the Council of People's Commissars "Young Regionalists" was held. With a presentation on the topic: "The crisis in the enterprise and the ways to solve it," the second-year student of the group GMU-1 Arsahanova Hava spoke. In her speech, she spoke about the reasons that lead to the crisis and ways to avoid it. The meeting was very informative and interesting.

Meeting of employees of the faculty of public administration

Today, on April 13, 2018, at the faculty of public administration, a planned meeting of the Faculty staff took place, at which Dean Dovletmurzayeva MA noted the need to improve the educational process and improve the quality of education. An important part of the discussion was the implementation of the Unified Concept of spiritual and moral education and development of the younger generation of the Chechen Republic within the walls of the University.


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